Hospitals Looking To Place


Hospitals are our primary source of placements. Our clinical supervisors are happy to discuss a potential placement with you and coordinate with the hospital discharge plan to create a smooth, safe transition for your patient. We have established relationships with every pediatric hospital in Arizona.

Reference for Residential Placements

We have prepared a list of what is needed from hospital case managers prior to discharge.

Nursing Capabilities

Our nursing staff are experienced in the care of medically complex children. They are able to manage the following: ventilator dependence, tracheostomies, tube feedings, central lines, TPN, IV medications, pre and post transplant care, dialysis, specialized diets, metabolic disorders, pain management, and neurologic, orthopedic and cardiac conditions. Our minimum staffing ratio is 1 caregiver per 3 residents.


Insurance Information

Contracted With:

United Health Care

Mercy Care



Contracted with Point Comfort. We often have Case Agreements with AHCCCS Acute Care plans Steward Health Choice, Care 1st, ALTCS IHS. Other Insurance companies have covered our services, including Aetna and Blue Cross.