Prospective Parents - Placement Information

Parent Services

We care for your child just as you would. You will be involved in the plan of care and we will honor any special requests as best we can. We will keep you informed of your child’s progress and any changes.

We strive to make your child’s environment comfortable, personalized and home like. You are welcome to visit between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. daily. If those hours are inconvenient for you, we can make special arrangements.

Parent involvement is encouraged either in person or we can arrange for virtual visits.


Our team of nurses will transport your child to all medical, dental, and therapy appointments as well as procedures and surgeries. Our nurses will advocate for your child to ensure all their needs are met. You are always welcome to be present at appointments and procedures either in person or by phone. Should your child be hospitalized, we will be there to coordinate their inpatient care with the care received at home and check on your child’s condition daily.


Our team of nurses and nursing assistants care for your child under the direction of an RN house administrator (HA). He/she is your best resource for questions, concerns and updates about your child. The HA coordinates care with all agencies involved in the care of your child as well as schools and health care providers. You are welcome to call to check on your child at any time and we’ll be happy to arrange for a Zoom or FaceTime visit if requested. We can also text pictures if you’d like.